GB SNOWSPORT, March 5, 2020

GB Snowsport have today announced that it will be nominating and supporting Johan Eliasch's candidature to become the next President of the International Ski Federation (FIS) at the elections to be held in May 2020.

GB Snowsport Chairman Rory Tapner confirmed today that after careful consideration “the Board unanimously voted to support the exciting vision outlined by Johan Eliasch, which matched the ethos of GB Snowsport and its stakeholders. 

We believe he will be well placed to transition FIS into its next growth phase and has the broad experience needed to implement positive and significant change.”

IN race to lead world ski bodY

AP News, March 5, 2020

LONDON (AP) — The billionaire chairman of a ski manufacturer won support Thursday in the race to become president of the International Ski Federation. The British member federation of FIS, known as GB Snowsport, said it will nominate London-based Johan Eliasch for the election in May.

Eliasch is the Swedish-born chairman and CEO of Head Group, which includes skis and tennis rackets in its sports equipment portfolio.

Only four men have served as president in the 96-year history of skiing’s governing body, which is based in Switzerland. Current leader Gian Franco Kasper is stepping down after 22 years.


Publication of Brazilian government exonerates Eliasch after false and malicious allegation

Legal documents released by IBAMA, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, have exonerated Johan Eliasch after he was falsely and maliciously accused of illegal logging in the Amazon by the Brazilian and international media in 2008. 

The media reports falsely suggested that the alleged breaches concerned illegal deforestation by Johan Eliasch, when the alleged breaches concerned non-compliance of reporting requirements by the company Gethal under its previous ownership.

The documents, reproduced, make clear that IBAMA concluded there was never any legal or administrative basis for any action against Gethal, the company owned by Mr Eliasch at the time. They state that the investigation was closed by IBAMA in 2013, after IBAMA concluded that they had no basis for legal or administrative procedures against Gethal, and the fines were cancelled. 

No allegations or investigations were ever made against Johan Eliasch, and IBAMA never alleged or claimed environmental damages or illegal deforestation by Gethal. Mr Eliasch served his full term 2007-2010 as the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Deforestation and Clean Energy.